Maren Rush Creative Design

What we do

We believe in bright ideas and stellar customer service.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously...but building your brand? Well, that’s where we drill down. We put everything we have into the content we create and the creative we craft. We believe marketing should be fun, approachable and accessible—but also effective, eye-catching and compelling. You won’t find us rocking starched suits—but we do wear some wide smiles. From late-night office laughter to early-morning brainstorming sessions, we work hard and have fun doing it. A bright idea? Yeah, kind of.

Services we can help you with:
Branding - Logo design
Advertising - Marketing
Web Design - Digital Media
Social Media
Art Direction of Photography
Tradeshow Booth Design
We do it allall in one effective-as-ever one-stop shop. 

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Nevada Humanities
The Reno Phil
Desiccare, Inc. / Integra
The Hub Coffee Roasters
Tour D Space
Washoe Public House
UNR Med School
Sierra Water Gardens
The Wedge Ceramic Studio